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Recommend Menu

Recommend Menu

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Everything that came onto that table was more than oishii...totemo oishii...very delicious. If you have never been to this place, you MUST GO. I don't know why people are only giving this restaurant 4 stars...because this is top of the line. Fabulous food, and great service. The servers/bussers were constantly walking around asking if we wanted more tea or water. Great place for families, groups or couples. ~Marisa .


Sparkling Wine, White Wine, Red Wine, Sake, Shochu, Plum Wine & Beer

Tadashi Special

SHOKADO BENTO Chef's Special Limited Menu Prepared Fresh Daily


Papaya With Ice Cream, Tadashi Signature Shave Ice and more


Choice of Udon or Soba in Hot Broth or Cold Dipping Sauce